Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bookmarking in Firefox

Firefox is a great alternative to Internet Explorer, but of course, with anything, there is always room for improvement.

Bookmarking, in particular, is not very convenient in Firefox, at least initially. When bookmarking a web page in Firefox, it goes right into the Unsorted Bookmarks folder. For some reason though, my Unsorted Bookmarks folder was missing. It turned out to be only accessible through the Organize Bookmarks app.

For a long time, rather than going through the two or three steps to access the Unsorted Bookmarks folder for the latest web pages I bookmarked, I would just drag favourite web pages from the address bar into a folder on the Bookmarks toolbar, or into the Bookmarks drop-down menu. This was okay, but not terribly convenient.

Awhile back, I discovered a nice Firefox add-on that solves the problem of the missing Unsorted Bookmarks folder which, when loaded, once again reveals this folder in the Bookmarks drop-down menu.

More recently, I was pleasantly surprised to discover "one-click" bookmarking in Firefox. With one click of the star icon at the end of the address bar, I could bookmark a web page. Cool! I always wondered what that star was for.

But the problem of not being able to conveniently access Unsorted Bookmarks, was again, a problem. If only one could create a shortcut to this folder!

I tried to drag and drop the Unsorted Bookmarks folder, with the intention of creating a shortcut, but it just ended up copying the folder and its contents. Not very useful.

I finally learned from this website how to get a shortcut to the Unsorted Bookmarks folder:

What you do is first create a new bookmark (preferably on the Bookmarks toolbar). Once the New Bookmark window appears, enter place:folder=UNSORTED_BOOKMARKS, into the location box. Enter in a name for this folder now, because you will not be able to change it later. I named it "Latest Bookmarks."

Additionally, if you want a shortcut to the entire Bookmarks Menu, do the above, but enter place:folder=BOOKMARKS_MENU, into the location box.

Note that in Firefox 3.5 and later, these nifty folders you have created are not accessible until you restart the browser.

Happy Bookmarking!