Friday, January 29, 2010

Energy Medicine

Have you ever wondered if there were other ways to heal what ails you other than by going to the doctor? This is one search I have been on for close to 10 years.

One thing I have come across is something called energy medicine. Energy medicine, or more generally, energy therapy, posits that there exists energy fields within our body. When we manipulate these fields with our hands, we can achieve an energetic balance, resulting in a healing of our body.

It's sounds a little out there, but I've had some success with it.

I first came across energy medicine while reading an article by Tom Dorzab, a retired biologist, in the monthly Reflections email newsletter sent out by Dr. Alex Lees, who is based in Vancouver.

Tom described a technique called a neurovascular hold. In a neurovascular hold, we place our hands on our head in order to promote blood flow to the corresponding areas of our brain. This improved blood flow results in reduced stress.

I was intrigued by the possibility that I could feel calmer simply by placing my hands on my head!

In the particular hold Tom described, one hand is placed on the forehead and one hand on the back of the head, promoting blood flow to front and back of the brain, respectively.

I wrote to him asking if he had any other techniques like this and he gave me the name of a book titled Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden.

Donna Eden, it turns out, is a leader in the energy medicine field. She has written several other books, including Energy Medicine, on this important subject.

There are numerous other exercises in Donna's books that can be done to maintain or even improve one's health and well-being.

Good luck on your search for improved health!

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