Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sedona Method

Lester Levenson has given the world a unique gift in The Sedona Method. Lester passed away in 1994, but his work is being continued by Hale Dwoskin.

What is The Sedona Method, you ask? It is simply a way of releasing any emotional burden you feel, on the spot.

You begin by first getting in touch with what you are feeling, in the moment. Then ask yourself one of the following questions:

Could I let this feeling go? or Could I welcome this feeling?

Answer with a simple "yes" or "no". To make yourself even more open to the release, follow with these simpler questions:

Would I?, then, When?

By answering these questions, you allow your feeling to be "let go" or released. You may even find yourself experiencing a physical sensation upon release of the emotion. Ironically, answering "no" will still allow you to release.

You can also release on a certain emotion, such as anger, anxiety, depression, and so on, for example:

Could I let go of this feeling of apathy?

So-called positive emotions can be released, as well.

Hale has written an excellent book on this subject, called The Sedona Method. You can also visit the official Sedona Method website to find out more.

Here's to more inner peace for all!

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