Monday, February 1, 2010

Tooth Health

Do you brush your teeth with toothpaste? If you do, I don't think you should.

Don't agree? Hear me out for a minute.

According to Dr. Gerard Judd, a retired chemistry professor emeritus and author of the book Good Teeth from Birth to Death, toothpaste is not good to brush teeth with. The most important reason, he says, is that the fluoride in toothpaste is quite literally a poison.

As well, the glycerin in toothpaste is difficult to remove from teeth. I think this defeats the purpose of using a toothpaste, don't you?

Dr. Judd also says that bacteria does not cause teeth to decay. For proof, he tells us to simply look at the remains of dead animals left in nature whose bodies, including teeth, are exposed to bacteria. The only things that remain, even after hundreds of years, are the teeth and bones.

Sugar in food, he also says, plays very little role in causing tooth decay. It is actually the acid in food and drink that causes decay. The remedy is to sip or drink water after eating or drinking acidic foods, or even better, after eating or drinking anything at all! The water neutralizes the acid.

Dr, Judd finally says that soap is an ideal substance to clean teeth with. He cites several reasons.

There is a convenient soap-based product, that Dr. Judd personally recommends.

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